The rainmaker analysis

The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Unlike most of his fellow grads, he has no high-paying job lined up and is forced to apply for part-time positions while serving drinks at a Memphis bar. Desperate for a job, he reluctantly is introduced to J.

The rainmaker analysis

A young rookie lawyer takes on a big insurance company. There is no reason to complain that this is yet another lawyer story about a court case. There is a time to move beyond that initial reaction with John Grisham books.

After all, if it works, why change? Of the few people who do not like this book, they complain that The Rainmaker lacks any kind of action. Therefore, that makes it "boring". Well, if it has a good plot, who needs continuous action?

This novel was surprising, and it was quite good, in fact. It starts off with young Rudy looking over some potential cases. Obviously not for him, at least yet, because he is just about to graduate law school and he has not taken the bar exam yet.

Out of the two cases that most interest him, the most notable one is a case against an insurance company. After he finishes school, the firm he was about to work for fires Rudy, before he even starts working. This was due to new ownership.

The next firm who hires him, let him go after two days. They just wanted the insurance company case he was working on. Brusier turns out to be a real fraud. A good lawyer, mind you, but a bit illegal.

Here, Rudy meets one of his associates, Deck Shiffler. He failed the bar exam six times in a row. Well, Brusier eventually is indicted for one of the many crimes he is involved with.

Rudy is yet again left on his own, so he eventually teams up with Deck and starts a temporary firm. That is, until they win big bucks on their insurance case - or so they think To make a long story short, Rudy takes steps to sue this insurance company who basically has killed a young boy for not funding a bone marrow transplant he needed and the great Defense Attorney, Leo F.

Drummand, meets him in court. He is the perfect villain. It starts out with everything against him, as usual the table turns and things start to go right for Rudy and Deck This book had a first for a John Grisham novel: It was about a girl named Kelly Riker whom Rudy slowly finds himself attracted to.

She is married to a spouse-abuser. At the end of this story, that is, once the insurance company trial is over, this plot with Kelly continues on for a long while and drags along slowly. At least, it is rather amusing in part.

The rainmaker analysis

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This is one of my favorite books--and movies. The main character is Rudy Baylor, a brand-new law school graduate who takes a job at a law firm that has a shady reputation.

A "rainmaker" is a.

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