The dark ages

After the collapse of the Roman Empire, Europe faced a drastic political, economic and social set back. The Dark Ages reflects the ill-consequences of this set back. However, modern historians have renounced using this term because of its negative implications.

The dark ages

The dark ages were not dark — they were, in fact, a great time to live. I am a medievalphile, and suffer from hesternopothia so this list The dark ages come as no surprise!

Here, we look at ten differences between then and now that are subjectively of course better than today. I expect this will probably be a controversial list, so do be sure to keep your comments friendly! Many of the comments which are complaining about factual errors on this list are repeating myths already exposed on the previous list Top 10 Myths about the Middle Ages.

Please read that list before commenting negatively.

The dark ages

For most people today this is nearly one third or half of the tax currently being paid. The taxes went to support the military and the King, and even in times of war the taxes were never excessive. Taxes were usually paid based on the quantity of land you owned, so people like serfs were often exempt from national taxes and paid, instead, tithes in the form usually of wheat to their land owners.

However, regardless of which class you were in, you would have lived a better lifestyle. You would eat delicious food all the time, and would have plenty of activities to keep you occupied. On the other hand, if you were a serf, you would work your fields during the summer months and laze about during the winter months enjoying your harvests after the taxes you pay to your land owner.

The only real requirement as a serf was that you pay your tithes usually in wheat and do a few other odd jobs, but, aside from that, you could do anything you wanted with your land, and the land owner had to guarantee you protection from criminals and provide for you in times of famine.

Some serfs became incredibly wealthy through the wise use of their land.

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Most of you will be able to name three of them: Now try to name as many serial killers from the modern ages that you know.

A lot more I bet. There were definitely a lot of murders in the Middle Ages, but the chances of the average person being a victim of murder were low. Murderers were tried and executed, and those who committed petty crimes were usually publicly shamed or fined. In our current system we can expect to see fairly drastic changes to the laws under which we live every few years — in the Middle ages you had the same law with a few exceptions for most of your life.

Life under a benevolent King was good for law abiding citizens, and you knew that unless the King was old, sick, or off fighting a war, tomorrow would be the same as today. This stability is something most of us have never known, so it can be hard to appreciate how much better it was than the present systems which have given rise to all manner of bizarre ideas such as the fart tax.

In the Middle Ages, money was money. If you had gold, you had gold. In fact, society took a great turn for the worse in the so-called renaissance, which started a smear campaign against the Medieval feudal system in order to gain support for the new capital-based system.

An economy based on production was replaced by an economy based on how much gold the King released to the public.

Here is a quote from Life Inc: You move your whole family to where the work is, into the squalor, where conditions are overcrowded and impoverished — the perfect breeding ground for plague and death!

And, contrary to popular belief, they also lived long!The Brood Has Evolved. August 10, Cards No comments. Hello Samarians! Since late , Bryan had mentioned that the plan was to have a Brood faction book .

Christianity was an ideal that rose to power during the dark ages and many warlords of the time embraced it. This had a unifying force on the entire European continent and even though there were many kingdoms they all swore allegiance under the pope.

Feb 15,  · First off, I must apologize for using the term “dark ages”, as it is a false term coined in the post-medieval period to cast aspersions over the middle ages. The dark ages were not dark – they were, in fact, a great time to live. I am a medievalphile, and suffer from hesternopothia so this.

In historiography the phrase the Dark Ages (or Dark Age) is most commonly known in relation to the European Early Middle Ages (from about C.E.

to about C.E.).

The dark ages

This concept of a "Dark Age" was first created by Italian humanists and was originally intended as a sweeping criticism of the. Dark ages definition, the period in European history from about a.d. to about See more.

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