The contrast in careers of napoleon bonaparte and arthur wellesley

Hundred Days On 13 Marchsix days before Napoleon reached Paristhe powers at the Congress of Vienna declared him an outlaw ; four days later, the United KingdomRussiaAustriaand Prussia bound themselves to putmen each into the field to end his rule. Napoleon knew that, once his attempts at dissuading one or more of the Seventh Coalition Allies from invading France had failed, his only chance of remaining in power was to attack before the Coalition could put together an overwhelming force. If he could destroy the existing Coalition forces south of Brussels before they were reinforced, he might be able to drive the British back to the sea and knock the Prussians out of the war.

The contrast in careers of napoleon bonaparte and arthur wellesley

On June 18the Emperor Napoleon ate his breakfast outside an inn 12 miles south of Brussels. While he was at it, Marshal Soult, his chief of staff, urged a little caution for the day ahead. He was scoffed at. By nightfall, there were 50, casualties — and Napoleon was finished.

But Wellington — not such a bad general that day — was in no mood to gloat. The painting hangs in the striped drawing room at Apsley House, which looms on the corner of Hyde Park — and the duke, who is also the 9th Prince of Waterloo, thinks this might be a good spot to have his picture taken.

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On these topics, this duke is in complete command. It was red brick and refined; the original address was Number 1, London.

InWellington bought Apsley from his bankrupt brother Richard. And fromhe and the architect Benjamin Dean Wyatt made it bigger.

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During this period Apsley House acquired railings and iron shutters to counter the mob who were prone to throwing stones. Inthe 7th Duke gifted the house to the nation. Today the Wellesleys have use of an apartment on the top floor and the library downstairs.

Is the house better for their improvements, I ask the duke?

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He defers to his illustrious progenitor: Ninety feet long, two storeys high and decorated in the style of Louis XIV, the gallery is opulent and overblown. It is also plastered with masterpieces from the Spanish royal collection. In peace time, the victorious duke tried to return them, but the grateful, liberated Spaniards refused.

The contrast in careers of napoleon bonaparte and arthur wellesley

Wellington hosted his Waterloo banquets in this gallery, and one was painted atmospherically by William Salter: The duke does not pretend Waterloo was a British victory exclusively. They were each time repulsed.

And finally the Imperial Guard attacked and it was repulsed and at that point Wellington ordered the advance — which was, of course, a total rout. As the hero of Waterloo — not to mention Vitoria, Salamanca, Talavera and Assaye — the stateliness of his new home must have suited Wellington: Yet the ostentatious interior seems out of step with how he is commonly perceived — reticent, noble, austere in his tastes and sensibility.

In the spaces open to the public, that Wellington is absent.

Europe during the Revolutionary years The wars revolutionised European armies and played out on an unprecedented scale, mainly owing to the application of modern mass conscription.
Madame Grassini meets Napoleon Retrieved from " https: Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington — His defeat of Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo in put him in the top rank of Britains military heroes.

Nonetheless, Wellington was in a position to be rather more ostentatious had he wished to be.Meanwhile, in the Peninsular War, Arthur Wellesley renewed the Anglo-Portuguese advance into Spain just after New Year in , besieging and capturing the fortified towns of Ciudad Rodrigo, Badajoz, and in the Battle of Salamanca (which was a damaging defeat to the French).

"Some of the Spanish chiefs wore French uniforms stripped from corpses and even decorated their horses' manes with the Legion of Honor." Lachoque - "The Anatomy of Glory" p 1. Introduction. - - - Secret convention between Russia and France.

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> - - - The invasion of Portugal "was an armed parade, not a war." > - - - "Spain must be French." > 2. Napoleon soon invaded Russia, in what would prove to be the worst military mistake of his career. Napoleon's conquest of Europe, the burdens of the Continental System, and the British blockade, and the high taxes Napoleon levied outside of France led to resentment and resistance in .

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The contrast in careers of napoleon bonaparte and arthur wellesley
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