Summary of a season of grace

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Summary of a season of grace

All died except one young lady.

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When this girl saw that the plane was going down, she took hold of her Scapular, and called on Mary for help. She suffered burns, her clothing was reduced to ashes, but the flames did not touch her Scapular.

In the same year ofa similar miracle occurred in the Midwest. A 3rd-grader stopped in a gasoline station to put air in his bicycle tires, and at the very moment an explosion occurred. Similarly, so numerous are the miracles attributed to the Miraculous Medal that entire books have been published for the sole purpose of recounting the details of such events.

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In this brief article we will look at sacramentals in general, and at one ancient and venerable one in particular. As their common origin suggests, both sacraments and sacramentals are things that have power to sanctifyor make holy.

Summary of a season of grace

Christian sacramentals are as old as the Church, and are integral to both Her solemn worship and the every-day practice of the Faith. There are two basic types of sacramentals: Ceremonial Sacramentals Within both types of sacramentals there are numerous categories.

The Catholic Encyclopedia 2 lists nine categories of the first type, providing some examples: Included are both things and actions: That is to say, a sacrament infallibly effects grace regardless of the devotion of the recipient.

Sacramentals, on the other hand, do not confer grace merely by their use; their effects depend on the devotion of the individual using them. Another distinction is that there are seven sacraments, all instituted by Christ there will never be as many as eight or as few as sixbut the number of sacramentals is not limited.

The Church may institute more as She sees fit. The present article began with references to two of them: These and, above all, the Rosary are the most well known sacramentals. Others include certain practices of piety, holy water, other things blessed by the Church crucifixes, medals, statues, spiritual books, scapulars, etc.

These do not of themselves give grace, but, in virtue of the prayers of the Church, they help to excite good dispositions in the soul. The water, in and of itself, is but water. Once ritually blessed in a manner which details the effects the blessing is to impart, however, it possesses the blessing of the Church.

The effects of Holy Water are well known. It is particularly efficacious in driving out and keeping away evil — so much so that its use in exorcisms is familiar to Catholics and non-Catholics alike. It is used on Sunday at High Mass to bless the faithful as the priest sprinkles them and prays: Thus, for at least fifteen centuries, the Agnus Dei has been a popular and treasured sacramental of Catholics, especially those living in Europe where it was most readily available.

Yet, regrettably, few Catholics living today have ever even heard of the Agnus Dei. The name was given to special wax disks of various sizes which, based on the pictures we have seen, appear to be as small as 8 inches in diameter, and as large as perhaps 16 inches in diameter.

John the Baptist in Jn. The Agnus Deis were subsequently consecrated on the Wednesday of Easter week and distributed to the Cardinals on Saturday of the same week. In more recent times, the wax was prepared by monks, then consecrated by the pope and distributed.

When Cardinals would visit the Holy Father on Easter Saturday, an Agnus Dei wax disk or, perhaps more than one, depending on circumstances would be placed into his miter.

The Cardinals then distributed the Agnus Deis as they saw fit. It was the custom that the cardinals would then have some pious souls in their charge, generally cloistered nuns to whom they may have been favorable, to process the Agnus Deis further.

It was the practice of the sisters to prepare favorite prayers or passages from the Bible on small pieces of paper. They would then take a small bit of wax from the large disk and enclose it in the paper, praying the prayer or reading the Scripture passageoffering this, and the effort of doing this work, for the individual who would ultimately possess that particular Angus Dei.

The paper would then be tied with a string and placed into a small cloth pouch, which was sewn up and hand-decorated according to the talents of the sister preparing the sacramental. Each Agnus Dei became both a work of art and a labor of love.

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Summary of a season of grace

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