Sandwich master icas aat

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Sandwich master icas aat

Permalink This is a question thats been done quite a lot on the site but as always organisations grow and evolve so answers given on here five years ago by me amongst others may be less cut and dried today.

The ICB has been doing quite a lot to try and get themselves noticed by an industry that has traditionally ignored their existance.

Sandwich master icas aat

None of those organisations are involved anymore but just stand back as proud parents whilst the AAT grows into a respected institution in it's own right. Because of its heritage many accountants started out doing AAT before moving on to higher qualifications.

That may not seem a huge plus point but remember that those accountants who may now be sub contracting work know the quality of AAT where they may not be so clear on the quality of people of other organisations. A sales point of the ICB and AAT has been in attempting to attract qualified accountants who find it too difficult to meet the criteria of being awarded a practicing certificate from their own bodies so look for a flag of convenience.

In the case of the ICB there is something of an historic stigma attached but thats only amongst accountants, not the general public who in general could not tell the difference between a certified bookkeeper and a chartered accountant when they are looking for representation and instead look at price which of course an ICB members overheads are a lot lower than a member of one of the larger bodies.

I think that the historic issues with the ICB where it was regarded initially as the quick and easy option have now largely been put to bed.

When it was started by a manager formely of the IAB it needed to get it's membership numbers up in a crowded market place dominated by the AAT You dont get to build numbers by making a qualification difficult to attain. It initially appealed to the newly redundant and stay at home mums who needed to get some income quickly, but those days I feel are now long since behind it as it seeks to make itself a qualification thats an AAT alternative and people today who want to gain their letters are put through gruelling tests to rival AAT.


It should be noted that to offer a full service to micro entities which is the way the profession has gone means that non of the organisations can actually be considered bookkeeping but are instead entry level accountancy qualifications.

Bookkeeping stops at trial balance, everything after that is accountancy. And there ICB falls down in that whilst I do not see any serious differentiation up to trial balance when it comes to accountancy then bodies need to be teaching professional ethics and placing more emphasis on the idiosyncracies of taxation.

So, just to emphasise, I'm not saying that the ICB is a bad qualification. What I am saying is that it is not as well recognised by accountants as it, and certainly many of the people who hold it, deserve. It's not to my mind as well rounded as the AAT qualification and lacks emphasis on ethics which is a core part of all of the accountancy qualifications.

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No doubt in the future they will develop those weaker areas of their syllabus around tax and ethics but it takes a lot longer for mindsets to change than professional body sylabuses.

Overall, if I were you I would stick with the AAT which is well rounded, well respected and keeps the door open for permanent employment if ever you decided to go down that path in the future although I know thats not on the horizon at the moment.

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A threat caused by a close family relation / friend of the accountant being a key member of the client staff or a supplier or customer of the Accountant's employer. Described as an ‘educator, examiner, regulator, and thought leader,’ ICAS is a professional body for more than 20, members who have all achieved the internationally recognised chartered accountant qualification.

Currently, there are 3, students actively involved with ICAS and many of these are based outside of the UK. Review of Sandwich Master Essay.

Internal Control And Accounting Systems An Overview of the Sales Ledger and Credit Control Sandwich Master Ltd Word Count: I confirm that this is my own work unaided for ICAS and that no additional support has been provided - Review of Sandwich Master Essay introduction.

I have read and understood the terms and conditions. The AAT Level 3 Diploma for Accounting Technicians is the perfect course to build on the knowledge acquired on the AAT Level 2 Certificate for Accounting. The Level 3 Diploma course is the next step to gaining an AAT Accounting qualification via the Diploma route.

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