Qantas intangible assets analysis

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Qantas intangible assets analysis

Their group strategy is to deliver sustainable returns to shareholders with safety always being their first priority. The airline Qantas intangible assets analysis had many adapt to changes in the external environment due to the global financial crisis GFC in The airline was in merger talks with British Airways during the same year to benefit from the economies of scale by buying more aircraft together and merging IT and frequent flier programs.

Accounting Topics A question summarizing VRIO resource. The tool was originally developed by Barney, J.
Price to Book Ratio | Market to Book Value | P/B Formula | M/B Example Operating efficiency is represented by net profit margin or net income divided by average shareholders' equity.
What is 'DuPont Analysis' Related topics In a nutshell Australian Accounting Standard AASB 16, Leases Standard or AASB 16was issued in February and is effective for periods beginning on or after 1 Januarymeaning that for many Australian entities the changes will be effective for 30 June year-ends For lessees with operating leases, a right-of-use asset will now come onto the balance sheet together with a lease liability For lessors, the finance and operating lease distinction remains largely unchanged Previous high-level analysis of current financial statement disclosures of telecom operators indicates a possible average increase in EBITDA margin of 2. For lessors the finance and operating lease distinction and the accounting for leases remain largely unchanged The Standard supersedes the previous standard and related interpretations and brings in a new definition of a lease that will be used to identify whether a contract is, or contains, a lease AASB 16 is effective for periods beginning on or after 1 Januarywith earlier adoption permitted only if AASB 15, Revenue from Contracts with Customers AASB 15has also been applied.
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According to Hanson new CE, 28 NovemberAlan Joyce stopped the merger talks and focused the airline on core business competences to help them get through the GFC. According to Hanson Qantas decided to order new aircraft in and the CEO, Geoff Dixon announced they would also be outsourcing jobs overseas in an effort to reduce costs.

External Environment- Geography External environmental factors like geographic location have a large impact on future revenue. Qantas can market its superior maintenance record if it can establish a base close to growth. As long as the Australian population chooses Qantas then it should stay in business because of its location and importance to the local market.

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Ansett has gone out of business in and Virgin Blue entered the local market as a well branded low cost competitor. Qantas in response launched a low cost airline called Jetstar utilizing its low cost value chain and internet bookings with lower payed pilots and cabin staff. External market trends show growth in Asia and Africa and Qantas needs to be closer to those markets to offer new customers its safety record core competence.

Qantas although needs to develop core competence in integrating horizontal acquisitions and building a business outside of Australia.

Another problem in aeronautical relations with Australia centres over the imbalance in benefits from the air service agreement, with the benefits so heavily slanted in favour of Emirates. And in the future, with Emirates seeking to double flights into Australia, Qantas is going to feel its geographical disadvantage even more… The UAE maintains an open skies policy and so it could offer Qantas the opportunity to set up a hub in Dubai.

But this might well be something of an empty gesture as it was regarding Singapore given that Qantas would still need fifth freedom rights to operate beyond Dubai.

Qantas Airways Intangible Assets (QUBSF)

The recommendation is to perform a study on the feasibility of setting up a hub of operations in Dubai taking advantage of the access to new customers and marketing the core competence of perfect safety record that cannot be easily copied.

External Environment- Technology Drucker explains that marketing and innovation are the only departments that make money for a company. Technology in the current external environment with regards to airlines is an area that Qantas can innovate and market.

A simple step to improve the customer experience is to improve the customers access to the internet in Qantas lounges. Including charging ports for everyone and having extremely fast free internet for only Qantas customers while waiting and if possible while on the aircraft will differentiate Qantas from the current competition.

Qantas would likely need to outsource the setup of these technology and user experience innovations and therefore it would not likely impact the internal environment.

A budget and even a merger with streaming providers or telephone network opeators Qantas customers can benefit from new technology like streaming via 5G network expected in This will make it possible for customers to have an augmented or virtual reality live video stream of location around the world.

Essentially traveling anywhere around the world without moving out of their homes.Internal Analysis (Tangible & Intangible) Resources X Capabilities Outline The Internal Environment The Strengths and Weakness of the Firm l A Firm’s Tangible & Intangible Resources combine with Firm’s Capabilities to create Distinctive Competencies l Distinctive Competencies – those activities that a firm performs better than any.

The resource-based view (RBV) is a model that sees resources as key to superior firm performance.

Qantas intangible assets analysis

If a resource exhibits VRIO attributes, the resource enables the  · How to Calculate Asset Impairments. In this Article: Understanding Asset Impairment Calculating Asset Impairment Recording a Journal Entry for Asset Impairment Community Q&A Companies that own depreciable fixed assets may need to adjust the value of these assets due to unexpected loss of  · Intangible assets are assets of value without physical substance that are used in business such as licenses, patents, trademarks, copyrights and ect.

The intangible asset is defined as ‘an identifiable non-monetary asset without physical substance’—an-Asset-or.

Analysis without the intangible assets found nearly the same results as those in Table 3. The exceptions were Cintra and Delta Airlines that went to the group of the Malmquist index equal or lower than A Critical Analysis of Qantas Airways Limited 70 3 44 4 6.

Qantas intangible assets analysis

plant and equipment Intangible assets Other Total non-current assets Total assets Current liabilities Payables Revenue received in advance Interest-bearing liabilities Other financial liabilities

Qantas Airways Ltd Other Intangible Assets (Quarterly) (QUBSF)