President s speech on the eve of 64th independence day

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President s speech on the eve of 64th independence day

Hensley, Ordnance Sergeant H. Esleg, Drum-Major John C. Blair, Chief Musician James M. After Wiseman's resignation, the captaincy of Company A passed to F. Bowman's resignation of passed the company command to Isaac H. Bailey, who was severely wounded at Chickamauga on September 20, Horton resigned in and was followed by S.

Harmon, like his previous four peers, resigned in and was succeeded by Benjamin Franklin Baird. Stewart was promoted to Major opening the command of the company. Coffey was chosen for the vacancy. Conley died in November and was followed by C.

Conley was succeeded by H. Norris was promoted to fill the vacancy.

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Dula was promoted to Major and was succeeded by George Washington Finley Harper, regimental historian. Harper was promoted to Major in November and was succeeded by L.

Miller was followed by William R. McGhee in the captaincy of Company I.

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Silver was promoted to Major he was succeeded by D. Silver in command of the company. Gentry was succeeded by Calvin Eller and L. This company merged with Company G in At Johnson City the command drilled briefly before being sent out to man various posts in Upper East Tennessee.

Dugger recorded that the first camp near Johnson Depot was called Camp Stokes. On August 23,J. On August 25th, Palmer was ordered: Your regiment having been ordered to report to Brig.

Stevenson, you will see that it is not encumbered with any superfluous or unnecessary baggage, the soldier taking only his proper kit.

President s speech on the eve of 64th independence day

But 5 wagons will be allowed to a regiment and not more than one tent to each company. All other property, including the trunks of the officers, must be left at the railroad or turned over to the proper department for storage. The men were supplied with three days' rations and 40 rounds of cartridges.

Twenty rounds extra per man should be carried with the baggage. On August 26,Belton noted in a dispatch to Stevenson that the 58th had been ordered up as reinforcements.

The regiment was assigned to General Stevenson's division of E. Kirby Smith's Army of East Tennessee. Smith was coordinating with Braxton Bragg for a full-scale invasion of Kentucky--the untested 58th North Carolina would soon get their chance. Morgan's position, made untenable by Confederate pressure all over Kentucky, and to the banks of the Ohio opposite Cincinnati, forced him to withdraw, leaving the Confederates in control of the vital communication link at Cumberland Gap.

The 58th North Carolina was assigned duties paroling captured prisoners and repairing damage the fleeing Yankees had done for a few days.

Dugger recorded that the 58th moved up to Cumberland Gap on September 16 and remained there until October 25, Communi- cations between H. Bradford, Assistant Adjutant-General and Brigadier General Stevenson on September 18,gave the order for the 58th North Carolina, which had been left at Cumberland Gap, Tennessee to clear the road, removing all obstructions.

On September 19, the was 58th mentioned in the dispatch from Major General J.Aug 14,  · Here is the full text of the President’s speech on the eve of the Independence Day: Fellow citizens: 1. On the eve of the 66th anniversary of our Independence,I extend warm greetings to you and to all Indians around the world. Express News Service. VICTORIA COLLEGE - EDUCATING THE ELITE - By Samir Raafat Egyptian Mail, 30 March edited version in "The Egyptian Bourse" published by Zeitouna COLONIAL TIMES.

President s speech on the eve of 64th independence day

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President Ram Nath Kovind addressed the nation on the eve of Independence Day.(PTI File Photo) President Ram Nath Kovind invoked the values of Mahatma Gandhi, and spoke about a range of issues, including women empowerment and farmers’ issues, in his address to the nation on the eve of Independence Day on Tuesday.

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