Gold fish lab report

While doing this, we found that as the temperature in the water rises, the goldfish breathes faster. We also found that as it gets colder, the goldfish breathes slower. We were investigating which temperatures fish would breathe the most in, or another way to put it would be to examine how temperature affects the breathing rate of goldfish. Our group carried this experiment out by placing the fish into a beaker of water where it can actually breathe and then placing that beaker into another tub of water to change the temperature.

Gold fish lab report

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Gold fish lab report

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We love to hear from you.Happy Fish Lab Summary: Doing the Happy Fishing Lab showed an example of how people in the real world use natural resources. In the lab one person at my table really rushed into trying to get the most fish to support himself & his family, which made everyone at .

Goldfish Lab Abstract> In this lab of "fishing" out random goldfish, we looked at the allele frequencies in a population and how they can differ and change. This lab helped me understand the concept of the Hardy-Weinberg Law. Dec 06,  · For the report, the consumer agency purchased three lots of 15 different top-selling brands of fish oil supplements online and in the New York metropolitan area.

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Gold fish lab report
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