Eir broadband business plans

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Eir broadband business plans

Services[ edit ] Eir telephone exchange in Roches Street, Limerick Eir operates the largest fixed-line telecommunications network in the Republic of Irelandunder licence from the Commission for Communications Regulation ComReg.

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Most homes and businesses in the state are dependent on their network. Eir have also completed a wholly owned fibre network ring around Eir broadband business plans Ireland and another around Belfast.

Their ISP division, Eir Net, provides dial-up services, as well as broadband services see broadband roll-out, below. Any competing phone service that is not just carrier pre-selection CPS of Eir must provide their own SMSC, but even when they do, consumers may be unable to migrate from Eir due to SMSC numbers in equipment that cannot be reprogrammed.

As an operator with significant market power, Eir is required to provide a number of wholesale products to other operators and to switch calls onto other phone eir broadband business plans. Many broadband products offered by other operators are resales of the Eir product.

A series of telephone directories is distributed annually to all households in the Republic of Ireland. The online version is available at http: Mobile numbers are not listed. From toEir's subsidiaries included Phonewatchthen known as Eircom Phonewatch, which provides home monitoring services, monitored burglar-alarmsfire alarms, CCTV systems, and medical alert devices.

Although EU laws required the opening of the Irish telecommunications market, Ireland had a derogation from competition until The process began inand by July the government had disposed of virtually all of its shareholding. The Eircom flotation is considered to have been an example of a stock market bubble — after the initial hype of the flotation died down, the stock price fell rapidly.

Many of thesmall investors were angered by the significant financial loss they incurred, blaming the government for not sufficiently warning them of the risks inherent in stock-market investment. During this period, there has been a large increase in mobile phone ownership and a significant rise in line rental to the highest in Europe.

The company was transferred to a separate entity, Eircell plc which was then sold to Vodafone through a share swap. The conversion rate was then 0. This left the Eircom shareholder with shares in both Eircom and Vodafone.

After the sale of Eircell, Eircom itself was believed to be undervalued and became the subject of a bidding war between two consortia: Eircom Plc was delisted from the stock exchange, became Eircom Limited, a private limited company by shares and a subsidiary of Valentia, and O'Reilly took the reins as Executive chairman a role he pursued with vigour, even holding management meetings at his Castlemartin home.

On 19 Marchthe company returned to the stock market although the company being listed, Eircom Group plc, was in fact a new holding company, and was registered in England and Wales rather than the Republic of Ireland.

eir broadband business plans

Return to mobile, acquisition of Meteor[ edit ] In earlyseveral Irish newspapers reported that Meteor Mobile Communicationsthe third mobile phone operator, was up for sale by its owners, Western Wireless.

It was considered that this afforded Eircom an opportunity to re-enter the mobile communications market. On 21 July, it was announced that Smart Telecom had also withdrawn, leaving Eircom as the sole bidder. The Employee Share Ownership Trust, which represents workers at the company, was to remain a minority shareholder.

The sale was approved by shareholders on 26 Julyand at close of business on 17 Augustthe shares were delisted from the Official Lists of the Irish Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange, ending Eircom's second period on the stock markets.

Described as being "dynamic and modern", the new brand was adopted across most of Eircom's businesses excluding Meteorand an advertising campaign was introduced to promote the new name and slogan, "Live Life on Eir".

Setanta Sports was formed in to facilitate the broadcasting of Irish sporting events to international audiences.

eir broadband business plans

Eir Mobile[ edit ] As part of their mobile strategy, Eir launched eMobile, a complementary service to the now discontinued Meteor division mainly used by residential wireless customers. The company said in a statement "By focusing on a single mobile brand and reducing the duplication of supporting two brands, we can offer better value and increased innovation.

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Having secured significant business contracts with Druids Glen an internationally recognised Golf Resort in Co. With the division based in BelfastEir own and operate a fibre-optic network ring around Belfast and Northern Ireland, linking into the national Eir Network in the rest of Ireland.

OneVision aspired to offer 23 channels coinciding with the free-to-air channels. Chorus had offered wireless telephony but failed to renew their licence.

Eir is required to allow carrier pre-selection CPS. Introduced in Ireland inCPS allows subscribers to use an alternative provider for all their calls, without the need to dial indirect access codes or numbers, although they still receive a bill from Eir for line rental.

Under a wholesale line rental scheme, it is possible for customers, to have a single bill from an alternative provider, for example, Vodafoneincluding the cost of Eir line rental, rather than continuing to receive a separate one from Eir for this cost.

Unlike the UK, where BT's competitors now can charge less than BT for line rental, it is not yet possible for operators in Ireland to buy the lines from Eir and charge their own rate for line rental, should they wish.

Controversy[ edit ] After the privatisation of Eircom, the highly profitable mobile phone division, Eircell, was sold to Vodafone.

This would mean that 10, jobs would have been lost since its peak number of jobs of 13, [23] The job cuts came just days after the takeover of the company by French entrepreneur Xavier Niel.

Eir have thus far managed to come to an agreement with the companies involved, stating that they will be working in conjunction with these companies to prevent large amounts of copyrighted material being shared through the ISP.

This in turn raised concerns over internet privacysince presumably this would be enforced through the monitoring of IP traffic associated with Eir's customers. It is not known whether or not this bears any significance on the Meteor Mobile network, a mobile broadband supplier[ when?Multiple addresses found.

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Eir Group plc., trading as Eir, is a fixed, mobile and broadband telecommunications company in Ireland, and a former state-owned monopoly, which is currently incorporated in caninariojana.com is the largest telecommunications operator in the Republic, with a division to service the business and corporate telecom markets in Northern Ireland and Britain.

As Bord Telecom Éireann, the company was state. eir is a trading name of eircom Limited, Registered as a Branch in Ireland , Incorporated in Jersey Number Branch Address: 1 Heuston South Quarter, St. John's Road, Dublin 8. eir is a trading name of eircom Limited, Registered as a Branch in Ireland , Incorporated in Jersey Number Branch Address: 1 Heuston South Quarter, St.

John's Road, Dublin 8.

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