Distracted while driving essay

But what causes us to be distracted while driving in the first place?

Distracted while driving essay

Take the Pledge Now Driving is the first true taste of freedom for many teenagers. But with every great freedom comes responsibility. Distracted driving is an increasingly serious problem in America, and teen drivers are some of the most susceptible to its dangers.

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In the face of so many distractions, driving more responsibly is not just important—it very well could be life-saving. Distracted Driving Factors There are several major forms of distracted driving that everyone—not just teens—may be affected by; specifically: Manual distractions—Anything taking your hands off the wheel or feet off the pedals.

Cognitive distractions—Anything taking your mind off driving. Visual distractions—Anything taking your eyes off the road. To combat these types of distracted drivingyou should: Finish all personal grooming before getting in the car. Make sure all children, pets, or other passengers are secured before starting the car.

Make all adjustments to mirrors, GPS directions, or music selections before Distracted while driving essay. In general, if something arises that needs your attention, and you can't take care of it before or after your trip, it's a good idea to pull over in order to deal with it.

Don't take the chance of handling it while you're driving. Aside from their inexperience, which in itself may lead to more anxiety and less focus on the road, teens are typically: More likely to speed while they're driving.

Less likely to wear seatbelts. Coupled with cognitive, manual, and visual distractions, these behaviors lead to many accidents—and, unfortunately, deaths. In fact, in many studies, teens are shown to suffer the highest fatality rate caused by distracted driving compared to other age groups.

Specifically, teens are more susceptible to several distracting actions while behind the wheel. Reading or sending a text is a distracted driving triple-threat because it falls into all three categories—it: Splits your attention with the driving you should be focusing on.

Takes your hands off the wheel.

Distracted while driving essay

Takes your eyes off the road. For teens specifically, these types of behind-the-wheel conversations seem to be especially prevalent and dangerous.

Several studies have found that teens are more likely to: Hold an ongoing, multi-text conversation while behind the wheel.

Eventually, all those seconds with no eyes, hands, or minds on the road add up. Driving with Other Teens Holding any type of conversation with someone else is a huge distraction from driving, and some tests show talking to someone inside the car can actually be more distracting for teens than texting.

Why are teens driving while distracted?

This may be due to the fact that teens are typically more susceptible to peer pressure. Many studies have shown that when teenagers are the passengers of other teenaged drivers, the accident rate greatly increases. Couple the distractions that passengers offer with a teen's likelihood of driving more quickly and without a seatbelt, and there is a lot of potential for the accident to be a deadly one.

Mobile Apps Texting isn't the only technological triple-threat that can take place inside a car. In an age of increasingly connected vehicles, many cars are fitted with a number of different applications that could take your eyes and attention off the road and your hands off the wheel, including those that let a driver: Update their social media.

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Pick or change a music channel. This goes without mentioning the other apps found on many teenagers' phones that could take their attention away from driving. However, some apps actually encourage you to drive distraction-free. Visit our Apps to Fight Distracted Driving page to learn more about these apps.

How to Prevent Distracted Driving In general, the best way to avoid being a distracted driver is to minimize the number of activities or tasks going on in the car, by, among other suggestions: Driving without any passengers.

Turning your phone off while driving, or letting a passenger hold it.Feb 28,  · Edit Article How to Avoid Distractions While Driving. In this Article: Making Adjustments Before You Start Driving Avoiding Manual and Visual Distractions Driving with Passengers Dealing with External Distractions Community Q&A Every year, thousands of people lose their lives due to distracted driving.

Distracted while driving essay

You can limit the danger of distractions by deciding on your route ahead of . In , 5, people were killed in the U.S. that involved distracted driving (dd), of the 5, deaths, of them involved reports of a cell phone being a factor, and 24, injuries were reported from cell phone related accidents (Cell Phone & Texting While Driving Statistics, ).

Distracted driving in general, which is defined as inattentive driving while operating a motor vehicle, is prohibited. Florida Texting while driving is banned for all drivers. The law requires the New Jersey transportation department to erect signs on state roadways warning of the dangers of distracted driving and reminding drivers that texting while driving carries stiff criminal penalties in New Jersey.

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Topics in this paper. Mobile phone Another good point is though there are restrictions on handheld phones and texting while driving in nearly every state, people still do it. Evidence shows that the act of.

Distracted driving is a dangerous and all-too-common habit. Cell phones, eating and even pets can prevent drivers from giving their full attention to the road. Check out these statistics from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and caninariojana.com – and stay safe behind the wheel.

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